ELLCC version 0.1.8 is available.

A new binary release of the ELLCC cross compilation tool chain is available,
ELLCC is a pre-packaged set of tools based on clang/LLVM designed to
support cross compilation for a variety of target processors.

The ELLCC run-time libraries are all covered with BSD-like licenses:
* libc++ The C++ standard library.
* musl The POSIX compliant C library.
* compiler-rt Low level compiler support.
* expat XML parsing,
* libedit Command history.
* ncurses Terminal handling.
* zlib Compression.

ELLCC is entirely self hosting.

From the ChangeLog:

version 0.1.8:

* Support for MinGW-w64 compilation.
* Update to QEMU 2.2.0.
* Update to binutils 2.25.
* Update to musl 1.1.6.
* Update to LLVM r226372.
* Added support for using ELLCC to build for Windows using MinGW runtime.
* Added AF_INET socket ioctl() handling for interfaces.

C and C++ cross compilation for Windows systems is supported with the
new "-target" options "i386-w64-mingw32" and "x86_64-w64-mingw32".

Binary tarballs are available from ftp://ellcc.org/pub and

The tool chain can build programs for ARM, Mips, PowerPC, and x86 Linux and
stand-alone targets and x86 Windows systems.

Pre-built binaries are available for ARM, Mips, PowerPC, and x86 Linux
host systems as well as x86 Windows and Mac OS X hosts.

All host systems can build programs for all the supported targets.

Available targets are listed here: http://ellcc.org/blog/?page_id=313