empty enum

Is it correct that clang does not produce an error for an empty enum?
cat test.c
enum Empty{};
clang test.c → no warnings or errors

gcc test.c
/Users/patrickflannery/test.c:1: error: parse error before ‘}’ token

The code in ParseEnumBody would only omit a warning with pedantic.

// C does not allow an empty enumerator-list, C++ does [dcl.enum].
if (Tok.is(tok::r_brace) && !getLang().CPlusPlus)
Diag(Tok, diag::ext_empty_struct_union_enum, “enum”);


clang should produce a warning with -pedantic... clang doesn't attempt
to conform to the C99 rules for diagnostics without the -pedantic

Is there any particular reason clang should reject this construct?