enable target specific MC bankend in clang command line


Is there anyway to enable both compile and object file generation by using target specific machine code emitter?
Usually, i did this by
“clang -S -emit-llvm --target xxx a.c -o a.ll”
“llc -march=xxx -mcpu=xxx -relocation-model=static -filetype=obj a.ll -o a.o”
can single “clang” cmd do this? like
“clang xxx a.c -o a.o”

now we don’t have assembler for our target, so clang driver toolchain doesn’t work. we don’t implement target specific asmparser, either.

Best regrads,
Han Li

"clang -S -emit-llvm --target xxx a.c -o a.ll"
"llc -march=xxx -mcpu=xxx -relocation-model=static -filetype=obj a.ll -o a.o”

Passing -save-temps to clang will save all intermediate compilation files (a.ii, a.bc, a.s, a.o).
llvm-dis a.bc to get the LLVM human-friendly IR.