Enable vectorizer-maximize-bandwidth by default?

Have you considered contributing these benchmarks to the LLVM test suite?

These benchmarks are not ours to contribute; they’re from the EEMBC standard, whose availability is similar in nature to that of SPEC.

Guys I have uploaded a fix on phabricator which fix the issue in SLM: https://reviews.llvm.org/D33983

Guys, Just to clarify that with the current fix in SLM there is no need to wait for other issues to be fixed (minor issue).

So you can move on with your patch.

Thanks for the update. I think overall consensus is supportive for this change. If no one objects by then end of tomorrow (Tuesday), I will submit the patch to make vectorizer-maximize-bandwidth on by default.


The patch is committed in r305960. Please let me know if there is unexpected perf impact after this change.