Enabled HTTPS for reviews.llvm.org (Arcanist certificate reinstallation required)

Hi all,

We upgraded phabricator to use HTTPS by default. All HTTP traffic will now be redirected to HTTPS.

Arcanist users:
Please run:
$ arc install-certificate
to re-install the certificate.


Thanks Eric,

If you’re like me who started doing this and found some weird errors, you may have to do the following instead:

$ arc install-certificate https://reviews.llvm.org/api

This will update your ~/.arcrc file, where you may remove the old entry for http://reviews.llvm.org/api :slight_smile:


Thanks for the catch Dead!

I’ll send out patches to update .arcconfig files to use https.

OMG…Dean! So sorry for the typo!

All good, no worries Eric. :slight_smile: