Enabling an individual pass in llc

     Could you please tell me how can I enable a specific pass in llc, at the command line? (As far as I can see, there is the file lib/CodeGen/TargetPassConfig.cpp handling all llc passes, but I prefer not making some changes in that file or connected files.)
     I am interested in enabling the MachineLICM pass to optimize loops, while giving llc -O0. I am currently using llc -O0, since if I am using -O1 I get some strange instruction selection errors...

     Note that llc -help-hidden does not mention about any argument to enable the machine LICM pass, although there is a -disable-machine-licm flag. Also, llc -O0 -debug-pass=Arguments shows at standard output in the "Pass Arguments:" section that -O0 does not run LICM, while with -O1 flag it does have LICM.

   Thank you,

You can only do that with .mir inputs via -run-pass.