Enabling python SWIG generation on Xcode

I’ve hinted a few times that I’d like to deprecate the swig generate shell scripts and move to the python-based scripts. Python scripts have been the default on every OS except the Mac Xcode build for some time now, so I think it’s stable enough that we can try putting this on the Xcode build.

I’m willing to do this and test it out, but I don’t know much about editing Xcode projects beyond adding files. Can someone show me where in Xcode I need to look to make this change?

if you click on the LLDB project file in the left hand files view, and then click on the the LLDB framework icon and select “Build Phases” you will see the “Build swig wrapper classes” build phase, this is a shell script build phase.

If you expand it you will see the shell script it runs:

Also look for the “Finish swig wrapper classes” and edit accordingly.