enumerate symbols in RuntimeDyld

Hi All

Is there any technical reason why we can’t or shouldn’t have RuntimeDyld be able to enumerate all symbols in the dyld?

I know elf, mach-o apis have this capability, and I’m reasonably sure coff has support for it as well.

Hi Andy,

There’s no technical reason we couldn’t enable iteration over the JIT’s symbol tables. In practice nobody has needed it yet, since you can iterate over the symbols of everything that you put in to the JIT (IR, objects).

Is there a particular use case that you had in mind for this?


I think the reason why I originally looked for this capability is as a diagnostic measure. I was having issues being able to find symbols in a dyld, so I wanted to enumerate the symbols to see which ones are actually there.

I did eventually resolve the issue, and yes, I think in production, enumerating the symbols would have limited use, but I still think this capability would be useful for development/diagnostics.