Equivalence of -fdebug-compilation-dir in recent version of clang or using clang with icecream on mac.


I am attempting to use clang in combination of the icecream (icecc)
distributed compiler on a OS X host.

Unfortunately, the resulted build aren't usable with lldb, the
resulting stack traces being all wrong

Apparently this could be resolved in previous version of clang by
using -fdebug-compilation-dir option:
from man page:
-fdebug-compilation-dir <value> The compilation directory to embed in
the debug info.

This option no longer exists in at least clang 5.0 and current trunk.

Do we have some equivalence in recent clang?

Now it may be that I'm looking in the wrong direction, and that is not
why the stack traces are wrong, but for now, this is all I have to go

Thanks in advance