Equivalent of VC++'s "Use Library Dependency Inputs" in clang?

Hi cfe-dev,

I'm trying to have an object file which has no symbols referenced by
other files to be linked into a static library, this post [1] shows
what I am trying to do.

In VC++ there is a "Use Library Dependency Inputs" option that can
achieve what I want to do. The "Use Library Dependency Inputs" says
"When this property is set to Yes, the project system links in the
.obj files for .libs produced by dependent projects, thus enabling
incremental linking.", which in my understanding is to link object
files of static libraries directly.

So is there an equivalent option in clang that can do it? Thanks!

[1]: http://ofekshilon.com/2013/04/06/forcing-construction-of-global-objects-in-static-libraries/


“Use library dependency inputs” is a build system option, not a compiler option. It passes .obj files on the command line instead of .lib files. There’s no compiler option for either cl.exe or Clang.