Errata: The JIT tutorial

In the Tutorial of the JIT, illustrations and the full code listing are not the same, and the full code listing will not compile, this will make a lot of trouble to beginners since the JIT API is changing all the time.

+Lang for JIT things

Hi Yafei,
First 2 chapters of the tutorial is up-to-date with ORC v2 APIs. I hope nothing changed in docs and code.

Did you got compilation errors?

Yes, the function type mismatch, just copy the “full code list” and compile will fail.

For example, the illustrate part says “ES.getMainJITDylib().setGenerator” while the full code list says “ES.getMainJITDylib().addGenerator”, I guess the API is changed, the tutorial part is up to date while the full code list leaves to the old version.

Hi Yafei,
Ahh sorry, API is changed but the docs is not updated. I will do it this weekend. Do you get any errors other than that?

HI Praveen, no, that’s the only errata I found.