Error compiling clang on Windows, not found

I have downloaded clang (83246) and llvm (83257) via subversion. I
used cmake 2.8 beta to create a solution file for Visual Studio 2010
beta and attempted to compile clang-cc but I repeatedly get the
following error:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
'clang/Basic/': No such file or directory

I have confirmed that this file does not exist. and DiagnosticCommonKinds.tds do exist

I am running Windows 7 RC

What am I doing wrong? What have I missed?


Mmmm, it's seems that because llvm and clang doesn't share the same
add_executive function, and clang's version does't process those
source files, so clang can't generate the .inc files but llvm can do

Ok, how do I fix this?


What file(s) is it trying to compile when you hit this error? It's possible that we're missing dependencies, but I know there are at least a few Visual Studio users around who are able to build Clang.

  - Doug

I have this isseu before too.
Make sure download the llvm and clang again with the svn (is better download all files in a empty folder) and recreate the solution files with the cmake.


It's only failing on
llvm\tools\clang\include\clang/Basic/Diagnostic.h(56) for the missing
file now, but I also get a lot of other errors, mostly the same type.
I've included my output so you can see for yourself. (182 KB)