Error installing LLVM - CMAKE Parameter not defined

I believe the cmake_install scripts of the compiler_rt project have a fail. They are using the $(Configuration) parameter that has not been defined. When I’m trying to install LLVM, I get the following error message:

CMake error in projects/compiler-rt/lib/stats/cmake_install.cmake: 32 (file):
The INSTALL file can not find
Call stack (the most recent call first):
Projects/compiler-rt/lib/cmake_install.cmake: 35 (include)
Projects/compiler-rt/cmake_install.cmake: 33 (include)
Projects/cmake_install.cmake: 32 (include)
Cmake_install.cmake: 56 (include)

I did compare this with other cmake_install scripts (for example cmake_install in lib/CodeGen) and this parameter was substituted by the type of the build configuration (Debug, Realease, MinSizeRel or RelWithDebInfo).

Some help?

Thank you.
João Francisco