Error on compiling VMkit

Hi all,

After “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” Message on compiling VMkit.

The make starts compiling mmtk-vmkit.jar The following command errors out:

Compiling ‘mmtk-vmkit.jar’

/vmkit/Release+Asserts/bin/vmjc -load=/vmkit/Release+Asserts/lib/ -load=/vmkit/Release+Asserts/lib/ -LowerMagic /vmkit/mmtk/java/Release+Asserts/mmtk-vmkit.jar -disable-exceptions -disable-cooperativegc -with-clinit=org/mmtk/vm/VM,org/mmtk/utility/,org/mmtk/policy/,org/j3/config/* -Dmmtk.hostjvm=org.j3.mmtk.Factory -o /vmkit/mmtk/java/Release+Asserts/mmtk-vmkit-lower.bc -disable-stubs -assume-compiled

Failed to load /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/amd64/, cannot proceed!
0 vmjc 0x0000000000f916cf
1 vmjc 0x0000000000f91bc9
2 0x00007f922c32e030
3 0x00007f922b40d475 gsignal + 53
4 0x00007f922b4106f0 abort + 384
5 vmjc 0x00000000005e4a0d
6 vmjc 0x00000000005daaf2 j3::Jnjvm::loadBootstrap() + 626
7 vmjc 0x0000000000572fc0 mainCompilerStart(j3::JavaThread*) + 1376
8 vmjc 0x00000000005fffd0 vmkit::thread::internalThreadStart(vmkit::Thread*) + 528
9 0x00007f922c325b50
10 0x00007f922b4b5a7d clone + 109

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Your problem occurs because VMKit can not find the library.
To solve this issue, just add:
     - <path/to/openJDK/lib> directory (which should contain
     - <path/to/openJDK/lib/i386|amd64/server> (which should contain
in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

VMKit is also not yet compatible with the latest openJDK 1.6 update (6b27-1.12.5), we are trying to solve the problem.
You should use a previous version for now.


Harris Bakiras