Error on completing ToyThread::execute() in ToyVM (vmkit project)


The VMKit framework has been updated to be more generic.
The getVirtualTable method is not exposed anymore since this method suppose
that your object layout contains a virtual table.
Now you have new methods to get / set objects type which are virtual methods
inherited by the vmkit::VirtualMachine class.

Thus you can still keep your object identity as virtual tables, but now the
getVirtualTable is a static method provided by the VirtualTable class.

Hi all,

I changed the the operator new method of ToyRoot class as follows:

template <class T>
void* operator new(size_t sz, int param=0) {
    void* res = 0;
    llvm_gcroot(res, 0);
    static T o;
    VirtualTable *tmp;
    res = gc::operator new(sz, tmp);
    return res;

By running the "static T o" the following message printed:

toyVM: ../lib/ToyRoot.h:31: Toy::ToyRoot::ToyRoot(): Assertion `false'

Best regards,