Error parsing stdio.h header files

Dear all,
I wrote a program based on the clang parser few months ago and now, after a SVN update of the LLVM and Clang source code I get a very strange error while I am trying to parse the <stdio.h> header file.

Actually I get the following message from the parser:
Adding /software/gcc432/gcc/include/
** Parsing file: ./bench/example.c **
In file included from ./bench/example.c:8:
In file included from /usr/include/stdio.h:72:
In file included from /usr/include/libio.h:53:
/software/gcc432/gcc/include//stdarg.h:43:9: error: unknown type name '__builtin_va_list'
0 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000006276dc
1 mpi_stmt_motion 0x0000000000627bbd
2 0x000000300090c5b0
3 mpi_stmt_motion 0x000000000057d5eb
4 mpi_stmt_motion 0x000000000058101b
5 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005a8900
6 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005a9827
7 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005e645d
8 mpi_stmt_motion 0x000000000042d242
9 mpi_stmt_motion 0x000000000042d289
10 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005b90d7
11 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005b97a7
12 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005bdd88
13 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005be025
14 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005b1fa1
15 mpi_stmt_motion 0x00000000005b2071
16 mpi_stmt_motion 0x000000000042912e
17 mpi_stmt_motion 0x000000000040f123
18 0x000000300021c40b __libc_start_main + 219
19 mpi_stmt_motion 0x000000000040d26a std::ios_base::Init::~Init() + 90
Stack dump:
0. /software/gcc432/gcc/include//stdarg.h:43:9: current parser token '__builtin_va_list'
Segmentation fault

The problem is with this __builtin_va_list, do you have any idea how can I easily fix this?

regards, Simone P.

It looks like you might not be using clang's own stdarg.h headers. Do you have clang's headers installed, or are you pointing the driver library at them somehow?