error:Ran out of lanemask bits to represent subregisterr

Hello Krzysztof,
The R_CASS definition is as follows:

class R_CASS<string n, bits<16> Enc, list subregs = > : Register {

let Namespace = “X86”;
let HWEncoding = Enc;
let SubRegs = subregs;

Thank you so much Craig
You are fantastic.
The problem is solved by your mentioned solutions.

Thank you Krzysztof for your sincere help.

Thanks alot

So is everything working now?

What changes exactly did you have to make?


Hello, As craig said I managed to do it with the modifications in the 3 files. The modified files are attached here.

CodeGenRegisters.cpp (80.2 KB)

LaneBitmask.h (3 KB)

MIParser.cpp (74.5 KB)