Error: unsupported GC: vmkit

I have recently installed llvm-3.1 , gnu classpath-0.97.2 and vmkit
I compiled a simple java file “” to hello.class
Then converted hello.class to llvm bytecode(hello.bc) using vmjc from vmkit
when i tried to run “hello.bc” using lli

I am getting the following error

shyam@shyam:~$ cat


class hello {

public static void main(String args)
System.out.println(“Hello world\n”);
shyam@shyam:~$ javac -o hello.class
shyam@shyam:~$ vmjc hello.class -o hello.bc
shyam@shyam:~$ lli hello.bc

unsupported GC: vmkit
UNREACHABLE executed at /home/shyam/llvm-3.1.src/lib/CodeGen/GCMetadata.cpp:99!
0 lli 0x089a5778
Stack dump:
0. Program arguments: lli hello.ll

Please help me out

Hi Shyam –

Haven’t tried using vmjc’s output with lli, but I encountered a similar error getting it to work with llc. With llc, you have to tell it to load the library that provides the garbage collector plugin:

llc -load=/path/to/vmkit/lib/ -o hello.s hello.bc

– Alex