Error while building & running clang


I was building llvm using cmkae-3.7.0 following the instructions in " ". Reading the section Checkout LLVM from Subversion I believe the latest version of llvm and clang is installed. After building for 68% it’s displaying the error
"make[2]: *** No rule to make target /GetSVN.cmake', needed by tools/clang/lib/Basic/’. Stop. " I did notice the presence of GetSVN.cmake in the system path /LibFuzzer/llvm/cmake/modules.

Is there something wrong in what I did, could you please let me know !

Are you using the most recent SVN revisions of both llvm and clang?
There was a recent change regarding GetSVN.cmake location, and new
clang (r284582+) requires new enough LLVM (r284581+).

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You already started a thread on LLVM-dev yesterday.