Error with llc after using llvm-g++ WIN32

Hi All,
I’m having an issue with llc. I just updated cvs with latest llvm and llvm-gcc frontend code and compiled and made the binaries.
I took a small sample C++ file and compiled it into bytecode with “llvm-g++ -c sample.cpp”.

Then after using “llc -march=C sample.cpp.bc”, I get the following error:

llc -march=c KEYFNT.CPP.bc -f
assertion “Pass::getClassPassInfo() && “Pass class not registered!”” failed: file “/cygdrive/c/llvm/llvm/include/llvm/PassAnalysisSupport.h”, line 76

Wihtout the -march specified (using native x86 assembly) it does convert it into assembly, but is uncompilable (with some unecognized “,” (comma) characters in the .s file).

Does anyone have an idea why these two errors happen and has anyone successfully used llvm-g++ on a WIN32 platform to compile files into bytecode and used llc to convert back into C/assembly?