Erros from ninja check-libomptarget-nvptx on Power

Can the offloading experts look at the failures?

[kitayama1@juron1-adm 201912220241]$ ninja check-libomptarget-nvptx
[1/2] Running libomptarget-nvptx tests
FAIL: libomptarget-nvptx :: api/ignored.c (1 of 12)
******************** TEST ‘libomptarget-nvptx :: api/ignored.c’ FAILED ********************

Sorry for the noise. On a POWER8 compute node with GPUs, tests ran fine.

[100%] Running libomptarget-nvptx tests

Testing Time: 104.18s
Expected Passes : 12
[100%] Built target check-libomptarget-nvptx

I can not still understand as to why the app build with the Debug Clang is too slow.