etc/llvm/c contains unresolved specify %llvmcc1%

After I uncommented line 55 in etc/llvm/c, I tried
again to use llvmc to compile a program, to no avail:

$ llvmc -c main.c
llvmc: Can't find program '%llvmcc1%'

I have, however, a cc1 from llvm-gcc-4.0:

$ find dist -name cc1

Blindly substituting this into the etc/llvm/c file
brings me only so far:

$ /usr/src/llvm/dist/bin/llvm-as: /tmp/llvm_9pMElI/main.trans:3,0: /tmp/llvm_9pMElI/main.trans:3: error: syntax error, unexpected $undefined, expecting GLOBAL or CONSTANT while reading token: '.'