EuroLLVM: Birds of Feather Sessions Needed

We are looking for a few more Birds of Feather sessions for the 2018 Euro LLVM Developers’ Meeting in Bristol,UK to round out our program. If you are interested in organizing a BoF, please send email to with the title, speakers, and brief abstract. It would be very helpful to have proposals submitted by March 22nd so we can finalize the schedule.

Tanya Lattner

I’ve been asked to explain a bit more. Birds of a Feather sessions are discussions led by 1 or more people on a specific topic. The presenter(s) typically provide a few slides to guide the discussion and someone takes notes. Anyone can attend a BoF and participate in the discussion. It is not meant to be a formal presentation where the audience just listens. BoFs usually have a goal such as brainstorming ideas to solve issues or plan future development.

As an example, at the last LLVM Developers’ Meeting in San Jose we had BoF sessions on:
Storing Clang data for IDEs and static analysis
Source-based Code Coverage BoF
Clang Static Analyzer BoF
Co-ordinating RISC-V development in LLVM
Thoughts and State for Representing Parallelism with Minimal IR Extensions in LLVM
BoF - Loop and Accelerator Compilation Using Integer Polyhedra
LLDB Future Directions
LLVM Foundation - Status and Involvement

I hope this information is useful.