EuroLLVM - Technical presentation howto

Hello everyone,
I would like to submit a proposal for a technical talk for the EuroLLVM meeting. However from the webpage of the event it is not clear what should be submitted. Do you want a 2/3 page document describing the topic or the full presentation? And in the first case, what is the page limit?

cheers, S. Pellegrini

Ciao Simone,

We’ll update the website in a moment, for now the info about posters is below:


March 1st deadline is for submissions for consideration by the content committee. We need at least:

  • A title and an extended abstract. Or

  • A title, abstract and some slides. Please make clear the status of the slides: Are they a skeleton of your presentation with the detail missing? Or, perhaps a section of detail that lacks introduction and conclusions? The more you can give us and tell us the easier it will be for us to be positive about your submission.

For examples of abstracts and introductions please look at papers from any compiler conference such as Code Generation and Optimization. A typical abstract is from one paragraph to half of a column on a 2-column A4 page. A typical introduction is between 0.5 and 2 A4 pages. An A4 page would suffice for an extended abstract. The more slides you give us in near final form the less we need by way of abstract and introduction. For examples of titles and slides presented last year please see