EuroLLVM'18 : moderators needed!

The EuroLLVM’18 Developers’ Meeting relies on volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Moderators are critical to this as they keep speakers on track and facilitate Q&A after the talk. I’m looking for community members who would be attending specific talks anyway, to volunteer to moderate the sessions.

If you are interested in volunteering, please respond to this email with your first and second choice session times. You will moderate all talks during that time slot and they will occur back to back in the same room. Moderators introduce the speaker, give the speaker warnings about time, and facilitate Q&A by running microphones.

Full schedule here:

Session 1 (Monday, 9:15-10:55, Bristol 1 & 2)

  • The Cerberus Memory Object Semantics for ISO and De Facto C
  • Global code completion and architecture of clangd

Session 2 (Monday, 2:00-3:25PM, Bristol 1)

  • New PM: taming a custom pipeline of Falcon JIT
  • An Introduction to AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler

Session 3 (Monday, 2:00-3:25PM Bristol 2)

  • A Parallel IR in Real Life: Optimizing OpenMP
  • Analysis of Executable Size Reduction by LLVM passes

Session 4 (Monday, 4:00-5:25PM, Bristol 1)

  • Developing Kotlin/Native infrastructure with LLVM/Clang, travel notes.
  • Finding Iterator-related Errors with Clang Static Analyzer

Session 5 (Monday, 4:00-5:25PM, Bristol 2)

  • Extending LoopVectorize to Support Outer Loop Vectorization Using VPlan
  • Finding Missed Optimizations in LLVM (and other compilers)

Session 6 (Tuesday, 9:00-10:25AM, Bristol 1)

  • Performance Analysis of Clang on DOE Proxy Apps
  • Implementing an LLVM based Dynamic Binary Instrumentation framework

Session 7 (Tuesday, 9:00-10:25AM, Bristol 2)

  • Hardening the Standard Library
  • LLVM Greedy Register Allocator – Improving Region Split Decisions

Session 8 (Tuesday, 11:00AM-12:35PM, Bristol 1)

  • MIR-Canon: Improving Code Diff Through Canonical Transformation.
  • Scalar Evolution - Demystified

Session 9 (Tuesday, 11:00AM-12:35PM, Bristol 2)

  • Lightning Talks

Session 10 (Tuesday, 1:50-3:25PM, Bristol 1)

  • Pointers, Alias & ModRef Analyses
  • Point-Free Templates

Session 11 (Tuesday, 2:00-3:25PM, Bristol 2)

  • Organising benchmarking LLVM-based compiler: Arm experience
  • Protecting the code: Control Flow Enforcement Technology

Session 12 (Tuesday, 4:30-5:15PM, Bristol 1 & 2)

  • LLVM x Blockchains = A new Ecosystem of Decentralized Applications


There are still sessions available for moderating.

Sessions 3, 5, 7 and 10 have already been assigned, but all others are available — first come, first served !

Kind regards,