ExceptionDemo patch

Attached is a patch which will add an exception handling example to the examples directory.
This patch is a version of what I added to the wiki which in addition meets the LLVM build and coding standards

The patch was tested for a debug build on CentOS LINUX, and both a debug and release build on OS X 10.6.2.
Because of an #include <unwind.h>, I do not know if the patch results are portable beyond OS X 10.6.x, and LINUX..

Both zero cost domain specific, and foreign exception handling is demoed. Even though an attempt was made to make
the code self documenting (doxygen doc. was not tested), more documentation can be found at:
http://wiki.llvm.org/HowTo:_Build_JIT_based_Exception_mechanism. The wiki version's code though, does not meet
the LLVM coding standards, and is therefore not the same source as what results from applying the attached patch.

The example's documentation fully explains how to run the example.

Comments would be very useful. :wink:


ExceptionDemo.patch (84.6 KB)