Exceptions do not work with MCJIT on Windows 7


I’m trying to make exceptions work using MCJIT on Windows 7 x64 (the compiled code is 32bit).
The command line driver and the MCJIT program are compiled from the same LLVM codebase, latest revision from yesterday.

Visual C++ 2012 was used to build the LLVM project while MingW 4.8.1 was used to build libcxx and libcxxabi.

The same headers and same above DLLs are used for both command line and for MCJIT.
Invocation parameters shown by -v are identical except that MCJIT needs ELF object format while the command driver needs COFF.
The code below catches exceptions when compiled from the command line but from MCJIT the compiled code just calls terminate.

Any ideas how to catch exceptions with MCJIT generated code?

Thanks, Yaron

int main() {
try {
throw 1;
catch (…) {
return 0;