Excluding particular checks


I was just wondering if it is possible to exclude certain types of
checks (like for example, "Value stored to 'foo is never read") by
passing command line switches to scan-build ? I looked at the output
of 'scan-build --help', but that only lists a few:

(+) -checker-cfref - Run the [Core] Foundation
reference count checker
(+) -warn-dead-stores - Warn about stores to dead variables
(+) -warn-objc-methodsigs - Warn about Objective-C
method signatures with type incompatibilities
     -warn-objc-missing-dealloc - Warn about Objective-C
classes that lack a correct implementation of -dealloc
(+) -warn-objc-unused-ivars - Warn about private ivars
that are never used

Are there any more warnings I can turn on/off, and where would that be
documented ?



John Smith.

Hi John,

The short answer to your question is "not yet". The interface for enabling/disabling specific checks is fairly primordial at this point. The flags you mention should not be considered sacred. In the future I plan to add fine-grained flags to enable/disable specific checks.