Execute / Interpret LLVM IR Bitcode

Hi all,

You could take a look at Sulong (1) for this. Sulong is an LLVM BC interpreter that also supports both IR-level and source-level debugging. The IR-level debugging feature described at (2) sounds very much like what James wants to have. Sulong is part of GraalVM (3) which provides builds for multiple platforms.

I apologize for not replying to the specific thread. I am working on Sulong rather than LLVM, so I only receive this mailing list as a digest to keep up with the latest developments of this project and usually don't participate in any discussions here.

(1) https://github.com/graalvm/sulong

(2) https://github.com/graalvm/sulong/blob/master/docs/DEBUGGING.md#can-i-also-debug-my-program-on-llvm-ir-level

(3) http://www.graalvm.org/