Execute lli with LLLazyJIT and JITLink on windows

I want to execute LLVM IR files with lazy JIT and get the address of the JITed functions on windows.

In LLLazyJIT, it seems possible to get the address of the JITed function by using JITLink and objectLinkingLayer plugin.
Therefore, I am trying to use JITLink on windows.

Currently I tried to run lli with the following options for using LLLazyJIT and JITLINK.

  • orc-runtime={path to orc_rt-x86_64.lib}
  • jit-kind=“orc-lazy”
  • jit-linker=“jitlink”

However, I got the following error:

Symbols not found: [ __orc_rt_jit_dlopen_wrapper ]

This error seems to occur in ORCPlatformSupport::initialize.
"__orc_rt_jit_dlopen_wrapper " seems to be included in the orc runtime (orc_rt-x86_64.lib).

Is there any way to work around this error?

llvm version : 17.0.0-rc1
os : windows 11 64bit

Thank you.