Execute offloading app on host without GPU

Is this possible? I keep getting runtime error with the latest Clang.

I expect this to be working still, though there are various things that can go wrong.

For debugging purposes, it’d be nice this is guaranteed to work. I recall it was with couples of major releases ago.

It's not like we broke it and ignore the problem. As far as I know
there is no problem in the compiler support. However, you cannot
expect every source code to just work if you offload to the host
(then and now). That said, we are working on a more genuine host
offloading capability that will behave "like a GPU" but on the CPU.

Hi Itaru,

there are at least two ways to execute an offloading app on the host:
compile the application with
for offloading to host support, or execute a randomly built application
with OMP_TARGET_OFFLOAD=disabled. Which one does not work for you?
And what is the concrete error? Compile time error, runtime error?

- Joachim

The latter, setting the env var to `disabled' makes the offloading app
run fine on a host without GPUs.