Expanding the set of -foo=? options to query supported arguments (like -mcpu=?, -mtune=?)

Currently, you can use -mcpu=? and -mtune=? as aliases for -print-supported-cpus. In the RISC-V community, we were wondering about extending this argument style to other options. e.g. -mabi=? to list the supported ABIs, -march=? to list the supported ISA extensions (though a counter-proposal was to just list this information for -print-targets, -mcmodel=?, --target=? as an alias for -print-targets perhaps?

This is really just a sense check at this point. Any strong views one way or the other?

Not speaking on behalf of Arm Compiler, just as a data point.

Arm Compiler has had =list for mcpu and march for a long time (Documentation – Arm Developer). Which seems to act just the same as =? upstream does.

So I doubt anything about Arm blocks doing this upstream.