Expired SSL certificate for reviews.llvm.org

It looks like it expired today (May 22) and is now erroring in the browser and via phabricator :frowning:


(on my personal machine, I set my clock back a day to get some thing done for now, but I imagine this is going to be really painful for folks tomorrow)

It’s already painful for me: it appears I am unable to bypass it without messing about with settings controlled by my company IT department. Guess I won’t be reviewing anything today…

+1 to meet the same problem. Is there any workable workaround?

UPDATE: I could visit phab in my mobile. So it looks like we could visit it in a lower version of browser.

Yeah, same for me. Mobile version of Firefox happily offers the option of accepting the expired certificate. The desktop version, however, insists on HSTS and not accepting the connection… This seems like a configuration mismatch between the two devices.

For those on Chrome, typing “thisisunsafe” on the interstitial bypasses the error. I don’t know if that always works, and it’s not a good idea to do in general of course.

I just updated the cert, still working on the config issue that prevented the auto-renewal though…


Thanks Mehdi! Seems to be working fine again.

Auto-renewal should be OK again now, and I also added a monitoring alert when we’re 2 weeks from expiring (we usually renew 30 days before)

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