exporting Dags

Did anyone thought of a serialization/deserialization mechanism for DAGs ? Right now i am using the -view-dags functions family.The dot file produced is great for drawing but i find it a bit hard to rebuilt a graph from there(the dot parser are somewhat buggy and much of the useful information is packed in the label element… )
all ideas are welcome…

for my own purpose I wrote an custom exporter and loader from a simple text format. The code is online but in a library so you would need to extract it.
The format is simple: three types of lines:
Unit Name
To Latency Kind order
To Latency Kind data Reg

You describe each unit with the Unit line and then the successors using the To lines. If the label needs several lines, the line ends with a .
Of course, it depends on how much information you want. That’s just a proposition :slight_smile:

PS: I don’t like the way llvm draw the DAGs :wink:

Amaury Pouly

2010/8/24 keita abdoul-kader <abdoulk.keita@gmail.com>