Expressing the Darwin/MacOS target build command in LLVM IR

Since updating xcode on my system, my compiler (which produces IR which is then processed by the llc command) is getting this warning at link time (repeated for every object file I compiled with llc):

ld: warning: /usr/bin/cc: no platform load command found in '/Volumes/Case-sensitive/Users/david/src/java/qbicc/integration-tests/target/native/boot/java/util/TimSort.o', assuming: macOS

My understanding is that this relates to the build_version_command which is modeled in various Mach-O handling libraries (including LLVM’s, it seems). Is there a way to express these platform commands in LLVM IR, using some kind of metadata node? LangRef mentions some metadata nodes which seem similar in concept but not for expressing this particular thing for Mach-O/Darwin as far as I can tell.

I’ve solved this: it turns out that this information is encoded directly into the target triple. I didn’t think to look at that because I was already providing a (versionless) triple, but adding the version to the OS name seems to make the error go away.