Extending the openmp schedule clause


Sorry for the blank email earlier. I am trying to extend the openmp scheduling clause with a few more dynamic loop scheduling algorithms.
I wanted to ask if this is possible directly in the runtime or if I should try to change the openmp specification? I am quite new to open source contributing, so please help me out.
I was also looking at the gcc openmp implementation and wondering if I should try to contribute this there?

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Patrick Buder

Didn't go to the list for some reason, so here it is :slight_smile:

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I believe that for experimentation purpose, you can add a value in the omp_sched_t. Using a combination of omp_set_schedule to set the default runtime schedule to yours, and a schedule(runtime) on the loop you want to schedule using your new schedule, you should be all set.

It will then require only changes to a local copy of your omp.h and runtime.