extract thread form sequential program

Hi ,
how i can assign instruction of program to a thread?

Hi neda 8664,

how i can assign instruction of program to a thread?

LLVM doesn't have special support for threads, you need to call library
functions the same as you would from C. I suggest you write some C code
that does what you want, then run it through http://llvm.org/demo/ to see
the corresponding LLVM IR.

Ciao, Duncan.

I want automatically parallelize sequential program in thread level to run on multi-core
processors with software pipelining and use llvm. is it a suitable tools in this project ?
can you help me in this topic?

LLVM has no facility for dealing with threads explicitly. If you're
implementing a research tool to automatically pipeline software, LLVM
could be of use because it is also a JIT with a good API.

I want split a program into multiple partition and assign each partition to a thread and run threads with pipeline model. control and data dependency between basic blocks is important. I dont have any force in select special language. do you believe i can use llvm?