Facebook is hiring engineers in the Programming Languages and Compilers group

Facebook is looking to hire compiler and programming language design engineers for a number of roles on different teams. We are scaling up our investment in LLVM and its subprojects, such as LLD. Conversely, we will invest more in Clang and modern C++ features, such as co-routines and modules as well as increase our contributions to Swift performance and tooling.

More than ever, we are investing in compiler technology to improve the efficiency of our server workloads as well as the performance of mobile applications. If you are a compiler engineer and would like to work in open source then please reach out.

To apply please email your resume to [compiler-jobs at fb dot com] and include a brief statement about yourself and how you see a potential fit for our group (e.g., interests, background, etc.).

Ideal candidates will have skills in the following areas:

  • Strong C++ or C coding skills.
  • A passion for optimizing code!
  • Experience in low-level performance optimization.
  • Familiarity with LLVM or Clang (a plus, but not required).
  • Knowledge of Java or JavaScript is optional.