Fail to build LLVM release_36 in MSVC 2013

Hi, All,

I follow the menu , but still failed to build LLVM debug version.

Here’s error message:
7>C:\study\llvm\projects\compiler-rt\lib\asan\ fatal error C1189: #error : Please build the runtime with a non-debug CRT: /MD or /MT

Any idear?

Might be a problem with cmake settings; what cmake command line did you use? The one I found to work is

\CMake\bin\cmake.exe -DLLVM_USE_CRT_DEBUG=MTd -DLLVM_USE_CRT_RELEASE=MT -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=C:\Python27\python.exe -G “Visual Studio 12 Win64” …

ASan does not support the debug CRTs yet. If you don’t need the ASan runtime or the rest of compiler-rt, you can probably remove compiler-rt from your checkout.

Thanks for that info! After remove compiler-rt, build succeed!