Fail to compile iree-llvm-sandbox

Hi Everyone and happy new year,

I was trying to compile iree-llvm-sandbox project (with and without iree). I use the python script But the compilation fails with a linking failure for both configuration with and without iree.

I got the following failure:

can someone help me to solve that @nicolasvasilache @ftynse

Looks like a linking problem inside LLVM itself. Make sure to check out this LLVM version, LLVM HEAD may be broken or have API differences with what is expected by downstream projects.

I checked it out but I am still having the same error :disappointed:

I’d need to see the full build log, the screenshot you posted doesn’t show the actual error message. Please open a Github issue on the relevant project - Issues · iree-org/iree-llvm-sandbox · GitHub - and attach a full build log from scratch as, e.g., a Github gist.

I created a new issue with the full build log FAILED: lib/ · Issue #136 · iree-org/iree-llvm-sandbox · GitHub

Thank you for your help

we are using the sandbox for testing here Update to use benchmark experts · mmperf/mmperf@40a0c54 · GitHub. Just in case you wanted a relatively recent reference version that is working.