Failed to build lldb on linux: ‘m_actual_stop_info_sp’ was not declared

I build llvm and lldb svn trunk today on Linux, and get the follow error:

/home/yao/Source/llvm/llvm/tools/lldb/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/POSIXThread.cpp: In member function ‘virtual bool POSIXThread::CalculateStopInfo()’:
/home/yao/Source/llvm/llvm/tools/lldb/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/POSIXThread.cpp:144:18: error: ‘m_actual_stop_info_sp’ was not declared in this scope
make[2]: *** [tools/lldb/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/CMakeFiles/lldbPluginProcessPOSIX.dir/POSIXThread.cpp.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [tools/lldb/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/CMakeFiles/lldbPluginProcessPOSIX.dir/all] Error 2

I grep'ed 'm_actual_stop_info_sp' and don't see it is used somewhere else. Looks like it may be related to this commit:

   r181501 - Changed the formerly pure virtual function:

I read this patch above a little, and probably we need a patch
to do 's/m_actual_stop_info_sp/m_stop_info_sp',

diff --git a/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/POSIXThread.cpp b/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/POSIXThread.cpp
index 45461c0..45762ec 100644
--- a/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/POSIXThread.cpp
+++ b/source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/POSIXThread.cpp
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ POSIXThread::CreateRegisterContextForFrame(lldb_private::StackFrame *frame)
- SetStopInfo (m_actual_stop_info_sp);
+ SetStopInfo (m_stop_info_sp);
     return true;

Thanks Yao,

I verified and committed the build fix. It seems that a regression was introduced on the Linux buildbot. I can't reproduce this locally, but I suspect that the failure is subtly related to r181501:

  File "/home/llvmbb/llvm-build-dir/lldb-x86_64-clang/llvm/tools/lldb/test/functionalities/inline-stepping/", line 77, in do_step ("Failed to stop due to step " + step_type + " operation stepping to: " + destination_description.GetData())

- Ashok