Failed to create arith::IndexCastOp -- a strange bug

I have a bug when I create arith::IndexCastOp in my pass. In the original old version of llvm there was no problem.Now I am using the latest version of llvm.Here is my code.

   IntegerType i64Type = rewriter.getI64Type();
    Value aArrayExtractOp =
        rewriter.create<memref::ExtractAlignedPointerAsIndexOp>(loc, resultType,
    Value aArrayindexCastOp =
        rewriter.create<arith::IndexCastOp>(loc, i64Type, aArrayExtractOp);
    Value bArrayExtractOp =
        rewriter.create<memref::ExtractAlignedPointerAsIndexOp>(loc, resultType,
    // There will report error.
    Value bArrayindexCastOp =
        rewriter.create<arith::IndexCastOp>(loc, i64Type, bArrayExtractOp);
    Value cArrayExtractOp =
        rewriter.create<memref::ExtractAlignedPointerAsIndexOp>(loc, resultType,
    Value cArrayindexCastOp =
        rewriter.create<arith::IndexCastOp>(loc, i64Type, cArrayExtractOp);
    Value dArrayExtractOp =
        rewriter.create<memref::ExtractAlignedPointerAsIndexOp>(loc, resultType,
    Value dArrayindexCastOp =
        rewriter.create<arith::IndexCastOp>(loc, i64Type, dArrayExtractOp);

Here is my debugging process.What you can see is that the first time create arith::IndexCastOp in pass succeeds, and the second time create arith::IndexCastOp, it reports an error directly.I am not sure why the first creation of arith::index_cast succeeded, but the second creation of arith::index_cast failed.If anyone can help me, I would be grateful.Thanks!

mlir-opt tile-conv.mlir -lower-gemmini -debug
  * Pattern : 'gemmini.tile_conv -> ()' {
Trying to match "GemminiTileConvOpLowering"
    ** Insert  : 'memref.extract_aligned_pointer_as_index'(0x559142dcb970)
    ** Insert  : 'arith.index_cast'(0x559142dcba00)
    ** Insert  : 'memref.extract_aligned_pointer_as_index'(0x559142dcba90)
mlir-opt::/llvm/llvm/include/llvm/Support/Casting.h:566: decltype(auto) llvm::cast(const From&) [with To = mlir::detail::TypedValue<mlir::IndexType>; From = mlir::OpResult]: Assertion `isa<To>(Val) && "cast<Ty>() argument of incompatible type!"' failed.

I’ve found a solution to this problem, when I create memref::ExtractAlignedPointerAsIndexOp without using resultType it works fine.