Failing test with -debug-pass=Structure


I’m making changes to the GlobalOpt pass and now require BlockFrequencyInfo and TargetTransformInfo. After making my changes, I have a failing test: test/Other/pass-pipelines.ll. The test is using -debug-pass=Structure and looks for the following pattern:
; CHECK-O2: Pass Arguments:
; CHECK-O2-NEXT: FunctionPass Manager
; CHECK-O2-NEXT: Dominator Tree Construction

However, with my changes the output now looks like:
Pass Arguments: -targetlibinfo -domtree -loops -branch-prob -block-freq
Target Library Information
FunctionPass Manager
Dominator Tree Construction
Natural Loop Information
Branch Probability Analysis
Block Frequency Analysis

I’m not sure why I now have Target Library Information in between the expected pattern sequence since I did not add Target Library Information and it was already being used in the GlobalOpt pass before my changes.