Failure in Nightly Test 05/19 << my fault

I forgot to remove some crud from the configure script and it caused
some of the nightly testers to fail last night. The problem has already
been fixed. Part of the problem was that it took 2 hours to get a commit
through to CVS last night and the nightly tester had already started by
that time. Something needs to be done about the late night high load
situation on zion (backups?)


Hi Reid,

The problem is that the disk on apoc (one of our machines) has been dying recently, and has finally totally died. It's not clear why the fate of zion (the machine with CVS and everything else on it) is tied to apoc, but it apparently definitely is. It is possible that it will take a while to get this resolved, but hopefully zion won't be impacted other than CVS.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


This is a known NFS problem. When a computer has an NFS volume mounted, and the remote computer is down, the computers mounting its volumes tend to hang. Try rebooting zion in single user mode, prevent apoc's file systems from mounting, and see if that helps.

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