Failures on clang-mergefunc-x86_64-freeBSD9.2

Hi all,
We have 4 outstanding tests on clang-mergefunc-x86_64-freeBSD9.2 builder.
I have introduced issues for them in bugzilla:

Since we have opened issues for these tests, can we add them to ignore-list for this builder? It allows faster catch and fix other failures (if we get them).
I also wandering, may be some of them just incompatible with freebsd platform, or with CPU they were tested at?

Below some details:

MultiSource/Benchmarks/SciMark2-C - fp difference.
MultiSource/Benchmarks/nbench - timeout.
SingleSource/UnitTests, Output/initp1.out-llc - empty stdout.
SingleSource/Benchmarks/Misc/mandel - fp difference.

After short analysis, I found out, that first 3 tests were disabled on clang-X86_64-freebsd machine.

"mandel" test looks is new one here, that's why I created separated issue for it (18056).



Stepan Dyatkovskiy wrote: