Faulty *.md format for StaticInterfaceMethod

Tablegen compilation to .md file generates faulty format whenever an interface with StaticInterfaceMethod is defined.

We’re seeing a lack of new line after the StaticInterfaceMethod declaration in .md, and thus subsequent contents does not start at a new line.

// ToyInterface

def ToyInterface : OpInterface<“ToyInterface”> {
let description = “Interface to toy around”;

let cppNamespace = "toy";

let methods = [
        "Check presence of new line.",
        "bool", "hasNewline", (ins),
            return false;


Thanks for flagging, could you file a github issue for this? (Should be a small change and I’d be happy to review if you want to try a fix :slight_smile: )

I’d be happy to help. I would need some code reference for start, to knew where to investigate this issues.

Created issue [MLIR] Faulty *.md format for StaticInterfaceMethod · Issue #53036 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub