Few libcxx tests for UTF-8 locale

I have a patch that fixes a few problems on FreeBSD, but I cannot verify it on MacOS (I have no access to it). All of the affected tests were XFAILed on Linux, and for OSX there are the following XFAIL lines:

XFAIL: with_system_cxx_lib=x86_64-apple-darwin11
XFAIL: with_system_cxx_lib=x86_64-apple-darwin12

These tests don't fail on OSX, but I'm not sure if that's because of the XFAIL lines. I'm not sure about the effect of my changes on OSX. Can someone familiar with OSX take a look? Feel free to add yourself as a reviewer, if you wish.



Hi Krzysztof,

I’ll take a look at it right now.