final call for projects that work with LLVM 2.7

If your project works with LLVM 2.7 and you want it included in the release notes, please email me a blurb to include ASAP.



The platformindependent OpenJDK Icedtea6 Shark JIT have been updated to support LLVM 2.7.
Here are the icedtea externalproj doc_section for inclusion in the release notes :


I have updated my project LLVM-Lua to work with LLVM 2.7 and released it as
version 1.2.0.

If it is not to late here is a blurb about LLVM-Lua:

LLVM-Lua uses LLVM to add JIT and static compiling support to the Lua VM. Lua
bytecode is analyzed to remove type checks, then LLVM is used to compile the
bytecode down to machine code.