fink defaulting to clang for Lion

Just to let everyone know that we should shortly be getting some
exhaustive testing of clang 3.0svn from darwin. Today my patches for
defaulting fink ( to use the clang compiler for
cc/gcc and clang++ for c++/g++ on Lion has been checked into fink cvs.
So far in my own testing, clang 3.0svn has been holding up very well
with no codegen regressions except...

which is a problem common to both llvm-gcc and clang (so I assume
the issue lies in llvm).

Good to see things aren't exploding left and right. :slight_smile:

I'll try to take a look at the bug you pointed out...


   Actually I built quite a lot and have really only run into language compliance
issues. Fortunately FSF gcc is slowly converging on the same strictness as clang for
language syntax so these issues won't be a clong-only problem.

Excellent! Thank you for working on this.

  - Doug

Looks like Benjamin already got it :slight_smile: