Firewall complaint about hosttests.exe

Windows Firewall popped a message that hosttests.exe was doing something
that the firewall decided to block. I just enabled lldb as a project in
my build last night, so I hadn't seen this before. I'm inclined to think
it's doing a local/remote communication thing, but I wouldn't expect it
to tickle the firewall.

Thought I should check in with the experts on what's happening here.

Yes, we have a couple of tests there, which verify that our socket
communication works. It seems there is one test which specifically
opens a non-localhost socket (TCPListen0GetPort (*)), so I would bet
it's that's the one the firewall is having problems with. Or, if you
have a particularly paranoid firewall, it could be all of them.

I am not sure what would be the right solution here. Not having a
single non-localhost is not good, but neither is annoying firewalls...


(*) If you're looking at the test, the seemingly hardcoded address in
it ( is not the address the socket binds to, but the
address of the peer we expect to connect to that socket. We open
wildcard sockets when expecting non-local peers.